A deeper look into the brains behind Effective Learning For Growth 

Steve is president of Effective Learning for Growth, a consultancy that brings measurable business results through:

  • Coaching
  • Business Process Design, Cycle Time Reduction, Quality Initiatives
  • Salesforce Development
  • Strategic Planning & Alignment

Effective Learning for Growth is both a user and distributor of XSOL In Order, process mapping software used on several projects described in the Case Studies page of this website.

Steve brings over 30 years of business experience in creating, delivering, and measuring learning. He earned his B.A. at Davidson College in Spanish, an MS in Adult Learning from Virginia Polytechnic Institute (VPI), and his Ed.D. in Adult and Continuing Education from VPI. He has helped others learn English, technologies, sales, communications, and leadership, and his abiding interest and practice has been on measurability – making sure the learning and change really work, and last.

He has coached well over 100 clients since 1990, often internally or as part of other change initiatives.  His good listening and questioning approach often leads to transformational change.

Steve also has business experience in internal consulting, external consulting, business development, and management. He has facilitated organizational restructuring and mediated conflicts. He has advised insurance, retail, pharmaceutical, transportation, defense, government, and manufacturing clients on issues from team effectiveness through leadership development through strategic planning. He managed line departments with full planning, budgeting, staffing, and operational responsibilities, and managed a two-year training design and delivery project with a peak staffing of over 20 designers and trainers.

Steve rejoined academia in 2004 as Adjunct Faculty at Capella University’s graduate School of Business, where he has developed and/or taught courses on:

  • Strategy
  • Leadership (several courses)
  • Leading & Building Teams
  • Organizational Structure & Design
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Business Ethics & Social Responsibility
  • Management Education & Research
  • Strategic Management & Practice

Steve has been been involved in Rotary International, and Twin West and Eden Prairie Chambers of Commerce. He has had lay leadership roles in various Episcopal churches, primarily in education, fund-raising, and change management.

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All good consultingEffective Learning for Growth and coaching has several key elements in common. These include:

  • Asking great questions
  • Listening very carefully to the answers
  • Identifying what change is wanted and needed
  • Establishing a baseline at the beginning
  • Defining worthy, meaningful goals with well-defined outcomes
  • Providing support, resources, and accountability

Whether it’s an organization reviewing its strategy, or an individual learning to sell, or a company working to reduce inefficiencies, or executive leadership development, Effective Learning for Growth always follows these tried and true steps. The resources we use are solid and proven to get consistently – and measurably – improved results.

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