The importance of an accurate documentation process and systemConstruction Industry


A restoration company was losing money from insurance claims because they were not documented thoroughly. When they could not prove need, insurance would not pay. When the company helped over 100 homeowners after a flood, they found themselves with six figures of uncollectable invoices. They were already working with Effective Learning for Growth for sales process improvement, and contracted for this urgent process redesign.


Using XSOL software, Effective Learning for Growth

  • Documented the detailed process for onsite data collection
  • Mapped it so all details and rules (such as video shot list) were available and consistent
  • Implemented data collection on 7” Android tablet computers
  • Trained the field techs to use them and do daily data transfers with EverNote
  • Trained the administrator to transfer and quality-check field data to reduce gaps and errors to 0


The company president estimates that savings are “at least $250,000 per year”

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