Process Development & Implementation for All Energy Solar

The Challenge

All Energy Solar was growing fast, with a large number of installations scheduled – all their existing crews could handle, maybe more. Effective Learning for Growth took their documentation for all field installation procedures and turned it into a tool the installation supervisors can use on their tablet computers.

Solution Milestones

Using XSOL software, Effective Learning for Growth

 Translated the procedures from words to a graphic map for each facet of the installation

 In 3 meetings with key stakeholders, confirmed the process, captured rules & best practices, and got clear agreement on how it’s supposed to work

 Embedded links to key documents into the HTML map so supervisors in field can fill-in applications, specs, and measurements to upload for processing near real-time

 Delivered and confirmed operation of HTML file and Word file (for updates as processes change)

Results / Outcomes

Installation crews have greater consistency, faster compliance with technical & administrative requirements – so customers get rebates faster and the company keeps growing.