Helped overcome growth challenger for Blue-Alliance

The Challenge

Blu-Alliance is a niche Search & Consulting Firm serving the lifescience industry. Their best path to growth was hiring great new recruiters. Effective Learning for Growth helped the executive team agree and align on recruiting and hiring procedures for this strategic internal hire.

Solution Milestones

Effective Learning for Growth

 Interviewed the executive team to capture how they currently found and hired the right recruiters

 In 2 meetings, developed a process map with key decision criteria, steps, supporting documents, and best practices, and got agreement and alignment on how it’s supposed to work

 Added new testing and qualifying processes to improve hire quality and fit

 Embedded key documents into the HTML process map so interviews are consistent, appropriate letters are easy to send, and nothing is overlooked in the handoffs.

 Delivered and confirmed operation of HTML file and Word file (for updates as processes change)

Results / Outcomes

The executive team has greater consistency in this strategically key process, they find the right recruiters, and the company keeps growing.