Financial Management for a Technology CompanyWind Turbine Manufacturer


An inventor with a breakthrough technology for wind turbines had:

 No business plan to show potential investors, and

 No clear plan for all that needed to happen from table‐top demonstration to manufacturing and distribution.

They invited Effective Learning for Growth to develop that business plan with them.


Effective Learning for Growth accomplished the following tasks to reach an effective solution:

 Met with the inventor, the engineer, and other stakeholders over the course of about 3 months

 Asked questions to force decisions about turbine size, distribution strategy, technical advantages, and more

 Gained clarity and agreement on how the future should look, and folded it into the plan

 Did rounds of sales projections, with conservative assumptions, mapping how to reach $4M in sales in 4 years

 Prepared and presented investor presentations


The business plan was credible with early investors, and attracted funding to take the company through the manufacturing prototype stage.

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