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Clients who are in a high-growth mode, or who want to be, often need to diagnose their opportunities and risks in the areas of Strategy, Structure, Systems, Rewards, and People. When growth is fast, the necessary alignment can be lost.

Effective Learning for Growth performs this alignment diagnosis with various tools and methodologies, depending on what the client situation requires and what’s the best return of insight for investment. The organizational assessment instrument D.I.AL.O.G. shows any disconnects among levels or groups that may require attention. The Attribute Index shows individuals’ strengths and blind spots, and can verify that people are in the right jobs, as well as indicate where development will be most productive. The DiSC or MBTI instruments yield insights about communication issues. The Emotional Social Competence Inventory shows the degree of emotional intelligence. The Organizational Values Survey checks the alignment of values with roles. The most powerful discovery tool is a series of structured interviews and meetings with the leaders.

Baseline measures of what matters most in the growing organization are carefully documented, and success defined in terms of those measures. With appropriate commitment from the senior leadership to invest in achieving that success, we proceed to work on the priority issues that rapid growth may cause.

With rapidly growing organizations, gaining or regaining alignment in Strategy, Structure, Systems, Rewards, and People can be a great challenge, particularly when the growth is through acquisition.
Effective Learning for Growth brings the analytical skills and experience to clarify what needs to be brought into alignment, identify what needs to be reinvented or improved, diagnose gaps and opportunities in talent and skill development, and engage the whole organization in making growth work.

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Steve Callender is a personal trainer for emotional intelligence. He understands the things that make people good in this area, and the things that hold people back. Every client, every person is different and unique, and Steve works with where you are now and what you want to be different. Having helped so many different people, his experience makes him that much better able to work with you to offer ways to see and get past whatever it is that is giving you trouble, personally. Highly, highly recommended.

Steve Semler
HR Leader & Author, LearningSim