New Business Set Up

Setting Up Your Business To Help You Succeed

When that exciting fusion of a great idea and the right moment drive people to set up a new business, there’s a lot that needs to be considered and planned. With the right sort of strategic business plan to carry a start-up from great idea to enough clarify to win financing all the way to having plans of action and goals for the first fully year, new businesses have a much better chance of beating the odds and succeeding.

Helping start-ups, we first understand and further define the dream, the resources on hand, and its viability in the marketplace.

We look at the metrics that matter – what sort of funding will be needed, where it may come from, what success will look like at the end of the first year.

We jointly evaluate whether to proceed. There is free help available, and clients need to understand the differentiating value that Effective Learning for Growth can bring for some companies – the comprehensive set of necessary questions, the pre-requisite research, the proven process of accountable, disciplined progress toward developing a very solid, realistic plan. The business concept must be viable, as well, because we don’t help set up businesses to fail!

When we can help, we apply a proven process that involves detailed questions, field research, and weekly assignments in small, accountable increments. The business owners own the business plan and strategy – Effective Learning for Growth just asks good questions to ensure that they’ve thought of everything.

When there’s great urgency, the entire process can be compressed into a few intensive weeks, or may take 8-10 weeks to do thoroughly and well.
At the end, the start-up business will have a plan that meets one commercial banker’s comment: “The entrepreneurs that Steve Callender brings to our bank are more prepared than any I’ve seen!”

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Steve Callender is a personal trainer for emotional intelligence. He understands the things that make people good in this area, and the things that hold people back. Every client, every person is different and unique, and Steve works with where you are now and what you want to be different. Having helped so many different people, his experience makes him that much better able to work with you to offer ways to see and get past whatever it is that is giving you trouble, personally. Highly, highly recommended.

Steve Semler
HR Leader & Author, LearningSim