Keep Loyal Customers

Steve Callender is a personal trainer for emotional intelligence. He understands the things that make people good in this area, and the things that hold people back. Every client, every person is different and unique, and Steve works with where you are now and what you want to be different. Having helped so many different people, his experience makes him that much better able to work with you to offer ways to see and get past whatever it is that is giving you trouble, personally. Highly, highly recommended.

Steve Semler
HR Leader & Author, LearningSim
Developing People

With People, we provide coaching, training, evaluation, even performance management systems. The common intent with all we do with people is to improve their productivity by making sure they are happy with their peers and seniors, and most of all, with the work that they do.

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Business Planning

With Planning, everything starts with a good strategy. Without a viable, meaningful plan, organizations wander, reactivity sets in, morale sinks. We help organizations develop, revise, and communicate strategy – so everyone’s pulling in the same direction.

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Rapid Process Improvement

Rapid Process is a unique sort of help. Unlike larger consultancies’ process work, Rapid Process is fast, easy, and clear! We help organizations build or revise their processes in a way that everybody involved sees it, understands it, and gets engaged in its success.

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It’s Customer Retention That Keeps the Wheels Rolling!

Moments of Truth

Every member of an organization who interacts with customers has opportunities to delight, to satisfy, or to disappoint them. The attitude and capability to act at that interface, in those “moments of truth,” can keep customers coming back and even referring others, or it can drive them away.

Not many organizations can afford to drive any customers away!

We start by diagnosing current attitudes and behaviors toward customers, as well as how decisions that effect customers get made in real-time. Interviews, an on-line survey instrument, and data from any existing customer service reports together paint a clear picture of where customer loyalty is.

We dialog with the leadership about the financial implications of current customer loyalty levels. If the leadership sees the opportunity in improving how the organization manifests its attitudes and applies its skills at the customer interface, we move forward.

In short, non-disruptive, repeated sessions with groups of employees, we review the strategy, direction, and importance. We develop the skills and attitudes that could make the essential difference. In candid discussions, the barriers to delivering great customer service surface, and we engage in problem-solving at all appropriate levels.

Across all parts of the organization that touch the customer (including the internal customers, the employees!), our work includes developing attitudes and skills, goal-setting behavior and the habit of goal-achievement.

As employees gain confidence based on repeated positive experience, as they demonstrate again and again that customer delight is a goal they want to achieve, customers notice the difference.

And when it goes very well, they tell others, and keep coming back!

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