learn how to Increase your business Profitability

People get used to things as they are every day. The number of steps a process takes, the time for an order to be fulfilled, the amount of waste and scrap in production, the tolerable levels of production cost, the number of returns – all these are money.  But sometimes it takes a different perspective to see, different tools to map it out, different thinking to measure it, than what we get so used to in the everyday.

Effective Learning for Growth can help drive cost, steps, rework, scrap, delays, returns, and other forms of waste from your organization.

Important “side effect” – This process gets those employees closest to the work & customers engaged in finding ways to do things more efficiently, and appreciated for it by the leadership.

We start with the leadership, discovering what’s been tried before and what happened.  We may take leaders and employees for a “Waste Walk” to look for the seven types of waste, to baseline where improvement efforts may be needed.

The crucial commitment step is an extended meeting with the leaders to challenge to commit to a hugely positive change.  The leadership goes through a series of investigative exercises and high-level process mapping to identify where improvement or cycle time reduction can make the most difference – and how much difference it could make.

If the leadership isn’t fully committed and engaged by the end of this session, we don’t proceed – because most efforts at quality improvement fail for lack of senior leadership commitment.


The leadership charters teams to address the problems that they identified, andEffective Learning for Growth trains and supports them as they document processes and apply quality tools.  As of Spring 2012, we use XSOL software, which accelerates process mapping and generates documentation “as you go.”

When these teams report back their recommendations and their recommendations are implemented, two great things happen::

  • Team participants have greater job satisfaction and engagement, and
  • Their recommendations make a big difference to profitability and quality reputation.