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Steve Callender is a personal trainer for emotional intelligence. He understands the things that make people good in this area, and the things that hold people back. Every client, every person is different and unique, and Steve works with where you are now and what you want to be different. Having helped so many different people, his experience makes him that much better able to work with you to offer ways to see and get past whatever it is that is giving you trouble, personally. Highly, highly recommended.

Steve Semler
HR Leader & Author, LearningSim

Leaders Growing Better

Leadership issues can produce many symptoms

  • Unwanted turnover
  • Low morale
  • Ineffective or dysfunctional behaviors
  • Stagnant growth or decline
  • And so many more.

Effective Learning for Growth uses a variety of diagnostic instruments to determine what leadership issues may exist, and verifies and extends what the instruments say with interviews. Tools include:

  • Attribute Index: Identifies how individuals think and decide, and where they may have greater talents, gaps, and blind spots.
  • DISC: Identifies communication and behavior patterns that may effect team performance
  • Values Index: Identifies the values the drive motivation for best performance and satisfaction
  • D.I.AL.O.G.: Identifies any potential disconnects between what the top leadership sees and what the employees closest to production and customers see, as a whole-organization diagnosis.

None of these instruments is used alone, but will at least be supplemented with interviews, and at best cross-referenced with other instruments. When needs / opportunities for greater organizational effectiveness through leadership development are identified, Effective Learning for Growth suggests a development program for those who need to be involved. If there is commitment to develop, we proceed.

Leadership development can occur at any level, from new supervisory team leaders through mid-level managers through senior executives and owners. The general format of this development is for the group or individual to understand what needs changing, why, and what the short- and long-term rewards for changing will be.

The development process involves feedback, learning in small, interactive increments on a weekly basis, planning and goal-setting, accountable goals review, and off-line coaching when needed. The process consistently produces results:

  • Increased motivation to continue and persevere
  • Measurable progress
  • Accountability – to self, to peers, to coach, and (most importantly) to those led.

The results of such leadership program generally are transformative, since the habit of goal achievement and accountability carries on well beyond the work with Effective Learning for Growth, and can last a lifetime.

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