Effective Learning for Growth knows that the people in any organization are more than a resource – they’re the energy and intelligence of the organization, its heart and soul.

So getting people engaged, so that they’re doing their best work and enjoying it, so they’re learning and doing things they’re good at every day, is the leader’s most important work.

Executive Coaching

Having worked with well over 100 coaching clients, we are able to meet people where they are, help them set a vision of where they want to be, and provide the guidance and accountability to support their success.  We bring specialized knowledge of positive psychology, adult cognitive development, and respectful pragmatism to coaching work.  We work especially well at senior levels, from understanding the burdens and ambiguities of senior leadership.

Team Development

Sometimes work teams don’t work – and sometimes, they’re not even teams!  We bring the experience of helping groups of people find ways to work together better.  We troubleshoot problems like conflicts and issues with communication, trust, and leadership to get to the root causes of team dysfunction.  We provide solutions where teams can build or rebuild trust, confront issues from a positive frame, and learn their way to satisfying high performance.

Job Description

Sometimes people aren’t in the right seat – and sometimes, the seats aren’t even there!  When organizations have grown fast with the original members wearing too many hats, we define meaningful roles and jobs – with skill sets and accountabilities clearly defined.

Selection Support

We help clients set up a sensible, effective process for finding the right talent, and can provide an “outside perspective” on candidates with testing and Behavioral Description Interviewing. This reduces the risks of a hiring mistake – one of the most expensive and painful mistakes any business makes.